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CE designed to help providers at all stages of professional development to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for contemporary practice, while simplifying and satisfying mandatory state CE requirements for license renewal



Multi Disciplinary needs require multi disciplinary education. In our specialized world it’s important that we know what we can each do to maximize our strengths.

Search for courses in your field in the links below. If your field is empty, it is because we are working on getting credits approved for you. 

Legal CLE

For Attorneys

Occupational Therapy

For Occupational Therapists


Physical Therapy

For Physical Therapists



Great Information For Anyone



For Nurses


Social Work

For Social Workers, Psychologists, and Behavioral Health Providers



For Chiropractors


Behavorial Health

For Counselors and Coaches



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What We Do Differently

We believe that providers that learn together, grow together. We believe in the power of intersectionality.

Continuing Education

Current multidisciplinary education for professionals in different fields.

Highlighting Lived Experiences

Sessions bridge the gap between academia and real life experiences.

Free Courses For Anyone

Access to free education for clients, students, licensed providers, and community members.

Very educational and up to date info.

Thank you very much for offering such a high value course! This opened up a door for treatment that I didn’t even know existed.

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Our Story

Life is messier than a textbook. We must learn from one another through experiences if learning is to be most effective. Our sessions dive into the reality of healthcare and professional services so that you can have the appropriate knowledge to best support your clients and your team. Working together across multiple fields, we provide you with the information you need to have the positive impact that you are looking for in your profession.

This is why we started Empowering Education. Join us!

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Healthcare is not inclusive or culturally competent and is filled with bias built directly into the system itself. Most practitioners do not have access to learn directly from their patient demographics so that they can learn WITH them. We provide real lived experiences with ALL demographics so that you can make the difference that you want with all your clients and team members.

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